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Practice Propane Grill Safety

propanesafetyNever take propane grill usage, storage and transportation lightly. Hundreds of fires and injuries occur annually from gas grill fires and explosions.

  1. Start right. Obtain propane only from reputable compressed gas suppliers.
  2. Before filling check propane cylinder for damage.
  3. Always check for leaks when replacing cylinders. NEVER use a grill until all leaks are repaired.
  4. Check burner tubes regularly for blockages.
  5. Make sure all connections are secure BEFORE turning on the gas.
  6. Keep the lid open when starting. Gas can accumulate and may cause an explosion upon ignition.
  7. NEVER store propane cylinders indoors or near any heat source.
  8. NEVER transport or store propane cylinders in the trunk of your automobile.
  9. Always shut off the propane fuel at the grill AND the bottle.
  10. If there is a fire involving the tank, evacuate immediately and call 911.