We are looking for a few good neighbors!

Why not join us and become a New York State certified firefighter? It’s a proud heritage of service and you’ll be a hero in your own community.

You will be thoroughly trained on various tools, apparatus and equipment, and participate in assorted exercises and drills. Training is free, at no cost to you. There are Length of Service Awards Programs (LOSAP), scholarships, and even some property tax breaks available.

Our ranks include volunteers from all occupations: Electricians, accountants, IT professionals, doctors, lawyers, nurses, college students, retired persons, and New York City Firefighters/Police Officers. Anyone physically capable of carrying out the duties of a firefighter can fit in.

So why not answer the call and become a member of the Huntington Fire Department as hundreds of others have done since 1843? And then you can enjoy the sense of pride that comes from serving your community as a New York State certified firefighter.

To learn more, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you.