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10 Good Sense Fire Safety Tips

10tipsHere are our top 10 Fire Safety Tips:

  1. Create an escape plan and route.
  2. Teach children how to evacuate the house or apartment.
  3. Establish a meeting place in front of your house or apartment to meet. If someone is missing, tell firefighters. NEVER go back inside yourself.
  4. Call (631) 427-3131 from a neighbor’s house.
  5. Make sure windows and doors can be unlocked/opened quickly.
  6. If there is more than one level, have escape ladders for upstairs rooms.
  7. During a fire, check doors with the back of your hand. If you feel heat, use alternative exit.
  8. In smoke, crawl on hands and knees to nearest exit.
  9. Install smoke alarms on every level and in all bedrooms.
  10. Test smoke alarms monthly and change batteries annually