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New Rescue Truck Arrives

Our new KME Heavy Duty Rescue truck, designed to transport manpower, heavy-duty equipment, and lighting to the scene of an emergency, arrived in early December. Smaller than the old Pierce Quantum it replaces, the KME handles more equipment with roof and underbody storage and features through-the- body storage for oversized equipment.

The truck includes a 30,000-watt generator, telescoping tower lights, and 5 Hurst “Jaws of Life” spreaders and cutters, 4 preconnected and 1 portable. The truck has a full complement of rescue equipment to aid in the removal of entrapped accident victims, assist in confined space and high angle rescues, as well as water and ice-related emergencies.

The transition from the old truck to the new truck was nearly seamless, as most firefighters were already trained on the equipment and its use. Since it has been in service, the KME Heavy Duty Rescue truck has responded to numerous emergencies and hazard conditions. The old Pierce Quantum was sold to Holts Summit Fire Department, a suburb of Jefferson City, Missouri. The proceeds from that sale greatly reduced the cost of the new truck to the taxpayers.


New Pumper

The Chiefs, Officers, and Board of Fire Commissioners are currently formulating specifications to replace a 20-year old front line pumper. The existing truck is having difficulty meeting current inspection requirements. A new truck will also conform to the more stringent regulations, making it greener with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.