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Construction Update

We’re almost done! It started in 2012 with the community’s endorsement and the passage of a $4.5 million, 15-year serial bond in 2012. “Construction began in June 2013,” Bruce Smith commented, “and I’m pleased to say that we’re on schedule and also on budget. It took some effort to maintain service in a construction environment, but the firefighters stepped up and have done a great job.”

The new red doors are arguably the most dramatic change to the facility’s appearance, and they also save money. Lightweight, thanks to the three levels of glass, they require less electricity to operate. Better insulation makes the doors more energy efficient, which lowers heating bills in the winter. “They’re much easier to maintain than the old 1958 doors,” Smith added, “because parts are readily available. And they’re hurricane-rated to today’s standards.”

Most other improvements are more subtle but equally important for efficient operation. These include lightning and power surge protection for all electronics, upgraded radios that enable integrated communication between different emergency agencies and a better security system throughout.