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2015 in Review

We started January with the feeling that it was going to be a mild winter. However, that came to an abrupt halt on January 24th with our first big storm. We didn’t see our lawns again until the middle of March.

Our year at the firehouse went the same way. Unlike 2014 where we had the first reported structure fire in Suffolk County at 12:37 on January 1st, it was relatively quiet to start with just routine calls. But like the winter, the pace picked up, and it became a relatively busy year. The HFD answered more than 750 calls for help in our jurisdiction and several others for help outside the first response area. We handled a broad spectrum of emergencies on land and water, from civilian assists to gas leaks to commercial structure fires, the most notable being the laundromat on New Street in Huntington Village.

On a lighter note, the members were busy assisting with charitable events throughout the year. The antique restoration committee continued to work hard to make improvements to the museum. Our softball team made it to the playoffs and the springtime hoedown picnic and Halloween costume parties both went off without a hitch.

As first responders to emergencies, we must prepare for the worst, but we can also hope for the best. The best to all our volunteers and the residents of the Huntington Fire District for the upcoming year. Enjoy the spring and summer and be safe.