The District/Our Commissioners



Kitzen Andrew Kitzen, Chairman

In the December 2013 election, Andrew Kitzen was re-elected to the Board of Fire Commissioners. He is a resident of Huntington for 36 years and a fireman for 34 years for the Huntington Fire Department.

Sorrentino Andre Sorrentino, Jr., Vice Chairman

In the December 2014 election, Andre Sorrentino, Jr. was elected to the Huntington Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners.  He is a lifetime resident of Huntington and owner of Professional Automotive Service and Sorrentino Trucking.

Thomas Brown, Commissioner

In the December 2015 election, Thomas Brown was re-elected to the Huntington Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners for a seventh consecutive term.  He is currently retired from the Lloyd Harbor Police Department where he worked for 33 years and he resides in Lloyd Harbor.

Collins Thomas Collins, Commissioner

In the December 2016 election, Thomas Collins was re-elected to the Huntington Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners.  A resident of Huntington since 1939 and proprietor of Collins Electrical Contracting, Inc., Tom has been on the Board since 1992.

Erickson Edmund M. Erickson, Commissioner

In the December 2017 election, Commissioner Erickson was re-elected to the Huntington Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners. Commissioner Erickson is a 51-year member of the Engine Company of the Huntington Fire Department. As a member of the Fire Department he presently serves as Treasurer for both the Engine Company and the Fire Department. He holds a Master Degree from C.W. Post College and is retired from the Suffolk County Police Department after serving for 42 years as a member.

District Staff

Contact: (631) 673-2240

District Manager: Bruce Smith
Fred J. Buckholtz, Jr.
Deputy Treasurer: Joyce Logan
Fire District Secretary: Karla Wright
Account Clerk: Marie Caputo
District Counsel: Joseph Frank



List of Former Board of Fire Commissioners

Andre Sorrentino, Jr. 2015-present
Andrew Kitzen 2004-present
Edmund M. Erickson 2003-present
Thomas Collins 1992-present
Thomas Brown 1985-present
Clifford Schwier, Sr. 1985-2003 and 2008-2014
Douglas King 2005-2008
Robert LaMay 1984-2004
Joseph Rech 1998-2002
John LoScalzo 1981-1997
John McCrickert 1977-1984
Griffith, Jr. 1976-1991
Louis Giglio 1967-1977
Harold Greene 1973-1974
Henry Berleth 1970-1985
Edward Meyer 1969-1981
Seymour Hirschfeld 1968-1985
Frank Carino 1974-1976
John Conroy 1964-1967
Wm. Earle Poole 1963-1973
T.S. Prime 1960-1970
Gordon Thomson 1960-1968
Roy E. Lott 1949-1960
Earl Chapple 1941-1964
Charles Van Sise 1932-1949
Charles E. Deming 1930-1961
Clarence Griffith, Sr. 1925-1969
George Mck. Brown 1925-1960
Corwin 1922-1925
William Ernest 1922-1925
Louis B. Smith 1919-1922
H.A. Baylis 1915-1922
A.V. Sammis 1913-1932