The Department/Our Chiefs


Conroy Robert Conroy, Chief of Department
Assistant Chief Robert Conroy is a lifelong Huntington resident. He joined the Protection Hose company in 1997. In 2002 he was elected 2nd Lieutenant of the Hose company, followed by 2 years of service as 1st Lieutenant and then as Captain of the company for 2 years. He was elected to the position of 3rd Deputy Chief for 2012 and has served as 2nd Deputy Chief . He is currently in his second year of his term as Assistant Chief. Assistant Chief Conroy currently lives in Huntington with his wife and daughter.
Keane Brian Keane, 1st Asst. Chief

2nd Deputy Chief Brian Keane joined The Protection Hook & Ladder Company in 1996.  In 2002 he was elected 2nd Lt. of The Hook & Ladder Co. In 2004 he was elected 1st Lt. Hook & Ladder Co.,  and in 2006 he was elected Captain, serving for 2 and one-half  years.  He served as  3rd Deputy Chief  in 2014 and 2015, and is currently serving as 2nd deputy chief since 2016.

Dodge Scott Dodge, 2nd Asst. Chief

Scott Dodge joined the department in 1999 and has proudly served as a Hose Company member, moving up through the ranks from 2nd Lieutenant to Captain. Scott inherited the spirit of volunteering from friends and family, including his father and great grandfather, both Greenlawn firefighters. His family’s connection to Huntington dates to the early 1700s. Scott grew up and lives in Huntington with his wife and daughter. Scott has worked for the Town of Huntington Maritime Services Division for 17 years.

List of Former Chiefs

Jesse Cukro 2016 -2017

Robert Berry 2014-2015
Kenneth Cochrane 2012-2013
Brian Riggs 2010-2011
Dana Aliperti 2008-2009
Fred Uvena 2006-2007
James Martin, Jr. 2003-2005
George Bodnar 2002-2003
Neil Getter 2001-2002
John Canino 1999-2001
Gary Schwier 1997-1999
Joseph Rech 1995-1997
John McCrickert Jr. 1993-1995
James Martin Sr. 1991-1993
Bruce Smith 1989-1991
Fred Uvena 1987-1989
Charles Strub 1985-1987
Harold Brush 1983-1985
John Tucker 1982-1983
Howard Riggs 1980-1982
Edward Dole 1978-1980
John LoScalzo 1976-1978
Jack McCrickert 1974-1976
Clifford Schwier, Sr. 1972-1974 (Chief Emeritus, serving over 60 years)
Frank Carino 1969-1972
Robert LaMay 1967-1969
Louis Giglio 1964-1967
John Johannessen 1961-1964 (Chief Emeritus, serving over 60 years)
Anthony Uvena 1958-1961
Jack Conroy 1955-1958
Everitt Strickland 1952-1955
Alfred Missbach, Sr. 1950-1951
Harry Riggs 1948-1949
Charles Rhatigan 1945-1947
John Bath 1942-1945
John Coughlin 1938-1942 (Chief Emeritus, serving over 60 years)
Clarence Philips 1935-1938
Edward McGaul 1932-1935
George Lewisy 1929-1932 (Chief Emeritus, serving over 60 years)
Louis Solomon 1921-1928
A. Sammis 1903-1908
A.L. Fields 1895-1902 and 1909-1920
Fritz Galow 1890 and 1893
C. Shepard 1888